Dr. Frye offers a comprehensive range of care for orthopedic and sports medicine conditions. From routine sports physicals to casting broken bones in the office, our practice is equipped to handle a wide variety of needs.  We've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page. 

Ponseti method casting for clubfeet: Dr. Frye is proud to have completed specialized training in the Ponseti Method for treatment of congenital clubfoot at the University of Iowa.  She is pleased to offer this proven method of correcting foot deformity at her clinic in Lansing.  The majority of clubfeet can be corrected in infants in about six to eight weeks with proper gentle manipulations and plaster casts. The goal of treatment is to obtain and maintain correction of the foot to give children a functional, pain-free foot with good mobility so that they can go on to participate in normal play & activity.  Dr. Frye welcomes prenatal referrals. She is happy to meet with expecting moms who have had clubfeet diagnosed on prenatal ultrasound in order to help educate and prepare families regarding treatment options.


After serial casting:


Fracture care: Convenient on-site radiology allows Dr. Frye to do x-rays and diagnose injuries quickly.  She applies splints and casts in the office, including EXOS waterproof casts - allowing kids to stay active when possible.

Overuse injuries: Children & teens are unique in that their bodies are actively growing and developing.  With the increased activity and often year-round training of these young athletes, we are seeing overuse injuries more frequently.  Overuse injury is the result of repetitive micro-trauma to the tendons, bones, and joints.  As a pediatric orthopedic & sports physician, Dr. Frye pays special attention to the areas most at-risk in young patients, including growth plates, tendons, and ligaments. She reviews training regimens, alignment, technique and nutrition.  Common overuse injuries include little league shoulder, little league elbow, Osgood Schlatter disease, jumper's knee, Achilles tendinitis, Sever's disease, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Serial casting: Serial casting in a non-surgical approach to improving range of motion and reducing muscle tightness around a joint.  It also helps with improving alignment of joints. It is a non-invasive way of increasing mobility and improve a child's daily function.  Our aim is to help eliminate, delay or minimize the need for surgical intervention.  Plaster or fiberglass casts are applied by Dr. Frye with assistance of her staff.  The casts are typically changed weekly (5-10 days). Serial casting can be used as part of a treatment plan for children with toe walking, tight Achilles tendons (heel cords), cerebral palsy and calcaneovalgus feet.

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  • "So happy to finally have a pediatric ortho doctor in the area - we no longer need to travel an hour away to have our daughter taken care of by someone with specialized training in orthopedic issues strictly in kids."
    - L.F.
  • "I would give her the highest marks possible. Dr. Frye is knowledgeable, considerate and understanding in the treatment of concussions. We were lucky to have her as a provider."
    - H.H.
  • "Dr. Frye has taken excellent care of our son. She uses humor and talks to kids directly, making both the patient and family feel comfortable with the mode and plan of treatment, and has accommodating hours for working families."
    – K.S.
  • "Dr. Frye is a very professional, kind and compassionate individual. She takes time with her patients and thoroughly explains your diagnosis and treatment."
    – B.B.